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  • Customized Recruitment

    Our selection will only be successful, if we understand our customer’s companies, their business activity, their challenges, their culture and their business environment. Such is our primary understanding of acting "Customized". Our selection targets candidates with a best-fit to this specific environment. Only aiming for this, a sustainable relation will happen to be generated.

  • Proven Experience

    They know, of what they are talking about and how it works, based on their own experience in longterm practise. We screen our candidates as we have done it, being managers throughout our professional activity. We know the specific challenges in every part of an industrial company as part of our own track record. That is why we are a premium partner in recruiting.

  • Teamplay

    We are working as a team. Your mandate will be managed by our best qualified consultant, even if he is not the lead consultant for your company. "Best qualified" stands for the specific experience in the field of activity we are recruiting for. This grants our outstanding hit rate in screening and selecting your candidates.


  • To search and select leaders as entrepreneurs, executives, managers and specialists

  • To be a premium partner for MBI – successions and BOD appointments based on our own entrepreneurial experience and recruitment expertise

  • To ensure the integral and entrepreneurial point of view following the demands of our customers

  • To select candidates based on our own longterm experience in leading positions

  • To master all modern web-based search instruments as a key to direct approach of candidates

  • To consequently profit from our data base of screened, interviewed candidates in all our mandates

  • To take advantage and and continuously develop our personal networks, which have been developed over decades

  • To consult customers in our personal competence fields and supply qualified partners for other topics

  • To work as a coherent team, develop this team and provide maximum team-performance to our customers


  • To provide those candidates, we would ourselves employ as entrepreneurs

  • To propose best-fit and qualified candidates, both professionally and personally

  • To supply staffings, ensuring sustainability and permanence

  • To consider all crucial success factors in selection, including consistency of cultures

  • To recognize talents and outperformers, especially with respect to future challenges

  • To choose candidates with a convincing identification with the specific challenges of your company

  • To provide speed in searching, accuracy in selection and cost-efficiency in recruting

  • To grant prime quality, confidentiality, fairness and respect towards both our customers and our candidates


Business Segments

  • Search

    Executives, managers, specialists for permanent positions

  • Succession

    Succession planning / Management Buy-In / M&A

  • Board

    Board of directors positions

  • Ad Interim

    Temporary managers and specialists

  • Outplacement

    Indiviudals and person groups related to restructuring

  • Consulting

    Expertise in our scope of industrial competences

Industry Segments

  • Machinery

    Mechanical Engineering, Microtechnics, Instruments, Devices, Assemblies, Conveyor & Storage Technology

  • Automation Technology

    Assembly, Inspection and Testing Systems, Packaging, Logistics

  • Processing Technology

    Physical and chemical Processing, Process Engineering, Coating Technology

  • Automation / IoT

    Control Technology, Guidance and Safety Systems

  • Electrotechnics

    Electronics, Microelectronics, Semiconductors, Sensors, Metrology, Energy

  • Life Science

    Medical, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Agronomy, Chemistry, Analytics, Environmental Technology

  • Mobility

    Automotive, Utility Vehicles, Rail, Aviation

  • Infrastructure

    Building Technology, Data Communication, Energy and Water Supply, Facility Management

  • IP and Legal

    Patents and Trademarks, Intellectual Property Management

  • Industrial Services

    Engineering, Maintenance, Logistics, Transport, Energy

  • Components / Tooling

    Precision Components, Tool Making, CNC-Processing,  Forming Technology

  • Materials

    Special Materials, Ceramics, Metals, Plastics and Composites 

  • Optics

    Laser, Laser Processing, Micro Structuring, Visual Inspection, Lithography

  • Luxury Goods

    Watch Making, Jewelry, Precious Metals

  • Information Technology

    IT / ICT / IoT / ERP

  • Defense

In addition, we support recruitment for education institutes, government administration and private organisations.


  • 1990

    Founded with focus on recruitment and executive search

  • 2000

    First activities in M & A / MBI company-successions

  • 2012

    Change of ownership to Dr. Carl Hug and relocation to Solothurn

  • 2014

    Urs Tremp becomes co-owner and managing partner

  • 2015

    Starting outplacement business

  • 2015

    Starting company valuation services

  • 2020

    30 years anniversary of ATEFOS 

Glutz-Blotzheim-Strasse 3
CH-4500 Solothurn

Tel. +41 31 385 35 35
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