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Permanent Positions

Competent and convincing people generate success

We fully manage the complete recruiting process from profile definition and publishing to signing the contract. We mainly work with direct approaches to candidates of our data base, of our networks and resulting from web-based research. By this, we simultaneously use all available recruiting processes.

Our Search-X mode offers the option of direct approach of already known or to be identified candidates in target companies of your choice.

We are prepared to manage mandates in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. We offer international searching worldwide and are ready to travel anywhere to meet and interview your candidates.

Board Appointment

Experience and foresight are the keys

Direct approach is applied to searching members for the BOD. Like in other search, we rely on our personal networks, our data base of well-known candidates and on dedicated research.

Ad Interim Ressources

Immediate availability, top qualification and effectivity

Searching ad interim managers and specialists follows our standard methods of publishing and approaching candidates. Again, our main tool is the direct approach to candidates from our data base, our networks and web-based identification by research.
Ad interim contracting will be directly done by our customers and our candidates. We are acting under a mandate agreement, which will include two components: one being related to signing the ad interim contract and one being related to the duration of the ad interim phase.


To evaluate the scope of development possibilities and to offer specific options

Psychological support is part of our outplacement process for individuals and person groups related to professional reorientiation. However, our focus is on finding new professional options in companies, we have been working with for years or have personal contacts. Core aspect of reorientation is our support in evaluating the full scope of potential future job applications and personal development options. We do support our candidates with respect to the full application process from preparing application documents to professional personal presentation in job interviews.

Successions / MBI

To hand over a lifework and ensure its future

We analyse your set-up and consult you on how to proceed and the presentation of your company. Based on your key figures, we carry out a feasability study concerning the achievable market price for your company. Writing a blind profile of your company will be the basis for direct approach of candidates and investors. In addition, we supply the company documentation needed for a first meeting with dedicated interested parties, after having signed a non-disclosure agreement.

We directly approach target persons and groups, based on our MBI data base of already interviewed potential investors and on a specific research. We manage the initial meetings with potential candidates and nominate the best-qualified persons, staffed with the necessary financial resources. We shall introduce these candidates in a shortlist.

We attend your discussions with the investors and candidates and moderate the negotiation process. We deploy qualified experts for special questions, e.g. tax regulation, if no such relations do yet exist on your side.

Company Valuation

Considering all aspects in full analysis

Company valuation is the basics of buying or selling of enterprises. Pure financial analysis of P+L and balance sheets are inaedequate and clearly provide only a partial view of reality.

Diagnostically conclusive valuation includes full analysis well beyond the pure financial perspective. It includes the consideration of all key factors for business success and leads to considerable discounts or premiums with respect to pure financial findings.

Factors of high impact on valuation are for example:

  • Management / guiding principles / employees / redundancy of know how / fluctuations

  • Market position / customer portfolio / distribution channels / currency exposure / competitors

  • Product portfolio / product placement / unique selling propositions / product life cycles

  • R+D performance and needs / technologies / intellectual property issues

  • Investment needs related to production equipment / R+D / sales and distribution / marketing

  • Strategy and perspectives in terms of realistic scenarioes and reasonable options

All of them are clearly beyond the scope of financial analysis.

Such, conclusive valuation requires both sound entrepreneurial knowledge and experience in assessing all factors of relevancy. We are well prepared to provide this conclusive valuation for you.


Smart, feasable and proven solutions

We ourselves consult regarding to topics, where we haved acquired proven longterm practise, knowledge and experience as stated in our CV profiles. Whenever this is not the case, we are ready to activate experienced partner with the specific know-how needed.

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