Checked and approved

We consider experience to be the key factor for success, following our credo "Proven Experience". Each of our consultants has his longterm track record from leading positions in management and a sound knowledge of industrial companies of widely varying segments. This experience does enable us to understand the specific challenges of each function and management level in your company.


Under all Conditions

We know the conditions of start-ups, of strongly growing companies, of turn-around situations, of mergers and of international business. We have been in growing and shrinking markets, facing heavy crisis and sudden expansion, all active and leading on the steering wheel.


In all leading Positions

Our five consultants deploy an experience of 120 years of industrial activity. More than 15 years each stand for being active as a member of the Board of Directors, CEO / Managing Director, COO / Head of Operations, CTO / Head of Development, Head of Product Management, Head of Sales, Head of Production and Supply Chain Management. 


Unique with Respect to Results

This knowledge is a key element for the successful and target-oriented appraisal and selection of our candidates and qualifies us to be a unique premium partner in recruiting. We definitely know, what counts and what we are talking about.