Our processes, our methods and our tolls are focussed on finding, appraising and selecting oft he best-fitted candidates. Our dedicated benchmarks are speed, accuracy and cost efficiency.



Methods are powerful, if they are developed according tot he key process elements. Our two key elements consist of an integral understanding of companies on the one hand, and of personalities on the other hand.



Our method stays the same throughout all our activities and for all recruitments. What varies, ist he balancing of the key factors, the number of questions to be answered and by this the time scale of the process.



Our search does combine active and passive elements. The active element of directly approachingo candidates is dominating by exploiting our candidate database, our networks and dedicated web-based research.

Our mandates are published on the leading electronical job platforms and our ATEFOS website. Print media will be only used following the clear demand of our customers. We claim to achieve both attractive and and precise publications, which ensure a high level of response.



Our structured interviews are a core element of our appraisal. It includes both professional and personal skills of our candidates. We do rely on our longterm psychological experience appraising our candidates. Assessments will be added on special demand. We recommend them to be carried out by independent third party partner, because we already have made up our mind.

Our candidate portrait does condense our opinion concerning professional skills, personal characteristics and a recommendation related to the position to be matched. We claim to be fact oriented, accurate, honest and fair.



Our shortlist candidates will be personally presented by our lead consultant. This allows a second check of their match with your vacancy. Following your wishes, we attend your first meetings with your candidates.



Performance check is a standard element, whenever a candidate has joined your company. We do include both the employee and the employer.