To hand over a lifework and ensure its future


We analyse your set-up and consult you on how to proceed and the presentation of your company. Based on your key figures, we carry out a feasability study concerning the achievable market price for your company. Writing a blind profile of your company will be the basis for direct approach of candidates and investors. In addition, we supply the company documentation needed for a first meeting with dedicated interested parties, after having signed a non-disclosure agreement.


We directly approach target persons and groups, based on our MBI data base of already interviewed potential investors and on a specific research. We manage the initial meetings with potential candidates and nominate the best-qualified persons, staffed with the necessary financial resources. We shall introduce these candidates in a shortlist.


We attend your discussions with the investors and candidates and moderate the negotiation process. We deploy qualified experts for special questions, e.g. tax regulation, if no such relations do yet exist on your side.



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