Customized Recruitment

Our selection will only be successful, if we understand our customer’s companies, their business activity, their challenges, their culture and their business environment. Such is our primary understanding of acting "Customized". Our selection targets candidates with a best-fit to this specific environment. Only aiming for this, a sustainable relation will happen to be generated.


Proven Experience

They know, of what they are talking about and how it works, based on their own experience in longterm practise. We screen our candidates as we have done it, being managers throughout our professional activity. We know the specific challenges in every part of an industrial company as part of our own track record. That is why we are a premium partner in recruiting. 



We are working as a team. Your mandate will be managed by our best qualified consultant, even if he is not the lead consultant for your company. "Best qualified" stands for the specific experience in the field of activity we are recruiting for. This grants our outstanding hit rate in screening and selecting your candidates.