Considering all aspects in full analysis


Company valuation is the basics of buying or selling of enterprises. Pure financial analysis of P+L and balance sheets are inaedequate and clearly provide only a partial view of reality.


Diagnostically conclusive valuation includes full analysis well beyond the pure financial perspective. It includes the consideration of all key factors for business success and leads to considerable discounts or premiums with respect to pure financial findings.


Factors of high impact on valuation are for example:

- Management / guiding principles / employees / redundancy of know how / fluctuations

- Market position / customer portfolio / distribution channels / currency exposure / competitors

- Product portfolio / product placement / unique selling propositions / product life cycles

- R+D performance and needs / technologies / intellectual property issues

- Investment needs related to production equipment / R+D / sales and distribution / marketing

- Strategy and perspectives in terms of realistic scenarioes and reasonable options

All of them are clearly beyond the scope of financial analysis.


Such, conclusive valuation requires both sound entrepreneurial knowledge and experience in assessing all factors of relevancy. We are well prepared to provide this conclusive valuation for you.


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